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Marilyn Monroe and Soekarno

SOEKARNO and women are two things that are difficult to separate.

Indonesia's first president, the day of birth, June 6, is commemorated this Monday, is always associated with women. Compared to other presidents who then ruled the country, Soekarno's most married woman. In total nine women, ranging from Oetari to Heldy Djafar. Other names include Hartini, Inggit Ganarsih, Fatmawati, Yurike Sanger, to Dewi Sukarno.

About his interest in women, Soekarno once said, "People say Sukarno liked to see a beautiful woman with the corner of his eye. That's not true! Sukarno liked looking at women with all his eyes! "

Well, one of the women who love to stare "Son of the Morning" with all his eyes was a Hollywood star, none other than Marilyn Monroe, the legendary figure known for its sexiness and beauty.
During May 1956, Sukarno's visit to the United States. He traveled in the land of Uncle Sam from New York, Utah, to Hollywood. His arrival in each place gets extensive coverage from local media, an extraordinary thing for the leader of a third world country. No exception when visiting the center of the world film industry, Hollywood, California.

In Hollywood, Marilyn met Bung Karno, one movie star idol.

According to Iwan Satyanegara Kamah in Koran Tempo, issue of Sunday, June 3, 2001, petemuan Soekarno and Marilyn could not have happened without the services of Joshua Logan, director of the film Bus Stop. At that Marilyn was busy filming the movie with Logan.
Motion Picture Producers Association boss at the time, Eric Johnston had a party at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Hollywood to welcome the visit of Bung Karno. In fact, Marilyn was invited to the party. However, after a day's filming Bus Stop, Marilyn Logan invites. "I want you to come see my best friend tonight," said Logan on Marilyn. Due to the requesting director, Marilyn obedient. Yet the next day he would repeat the year to 30 and that night had to fly to New York for an event.

Marilyn finally come to the party dressed hitam.Kehadirannya Soekarno made ​​more festive party atmosphere. Moreover, the party also was attended by several other Hollywood stars like Gregory Peck, George Murphy and Ronald Reagan who later became U.S. president.

Sukarno, who knows the arrival of Marilyn immediately came over the blond actress. These two legendary figures were then meet and greet. They chatted in an atmosphere of intimacy for 45 minutes. Like two old friends are not met.

Marilyn expressed his regret that he was not invited. Soekarno, meanwhile, no matter what Marilyn actually invited or not. For him, most importantly, the figure of his idol's movie star is in front of his eyes. "My goal coming into the United States, among others, to meet with him (Marilyn)," I Sukarno later date.
Soekarno who like watching movies so much that he had a special theater in the palace-admired Marilyn. To the idol, no less Sukarno threw the compliment. "You are a very important and very popular once in Indonesia," said Sukarno in Marilyn.

However, Marilyn was not too familiar with Sukarno. He thought, Soekarno nobleman, leader of a country with a system of empire. So, instead of calling him Mr. President (Mr. President), Sukarno called "Prince" by Mailyn so "Prince" Soekarno! (Ah, Soekarno or charm when it actually makes it more fit to be called "Prince" rather than "Mr. President"?)

Before leaving the party, Marilyn posed for quite a while with Sukarno in front of the camera. Even Seven Year Itch The star is on the cover of Playboy magazine's first edition took his signature on a number of groups from Indonesia. After it was over, Marilyn said goodbye to the Bung Karno and go.


The meeting between Sukarno and Marilyn Monroe left the fascinating story of evolving further. For example, note Iwan Satyanegara Kamah, in the book Goddess: The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, Anthony Summers written. In the book there is a section that tells about the affair between Sukarno and Marilyn, are difficult to be confirmed or doubtful validity.

For example, from the narrative of Joshua Logan, director of Bus Stop Marilyn invited to the party, "I think they both (Marilyn and Bung Karno) conducted a follow-up meeting after the party," said Logan.

Up where the truth is difficult to trace the recognition of Logan. Clearly, the schedule of Sukarno in the U.S. is very solid. After the U.S., he continued his visit to Canada and some European countries.
But the spice in the story of Sukarno and Marilyn Summers book was completed just a story of Hollywood's attendance at the party. After perjuampan it, call Marilyn told Sukarno personally. In fact, Summers wrote, Marilyn is very worrying Bung Karno who often rocked his political opponents by offering them a home in the U.S.!

Really all that? Or just a mere Hollywood gossip? I do not know. Clearly, Marilyn later also rumored to be involved love affair with President John F. Kennedy. When Sukarno met Marilyn, Kennedy was a senator from the state of Massachusetts. So, if that scandal with Marilyn true incidence of Sukarno, Sukarno's first date with Marilyn instead of Kennedy.

History records too familiar with Sukarno and Kennedy. In his autobiography Bung Karno: Tongue Connector Rakyat Indonesia, which was written Cindy Adams, the only autobiography ever written Soekarno, he said he was so upset when they heard Kennedy was tragically assassinated.

However, Sukarno made ​​no comment about the death of Marilyn Monroe from drinking too many sleeping pills on August 5, 1962. Bung Karno have forgotten the charm of Marilyn at the end of May 1956? Or, gossip scandal that is exhaled it did not even exist?


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